Friday, April 07, 2006

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Photographic Heritage

Serena Davidson is a second-generation professional photographer and professionally photographed her first wedding at age nineteen. Her career has put her onto the football field with Sports Illustrated, as well as onto the basketball court with the Seattle Sonics, on a photo-shoot with Dr. Jane Goodall, into fine art technique discussion with Keith Carter, on a pig farm before sunrise with Bob Peterson, documenting the Japan site launch celebration, simulating beach waves in a pool in Phoenix, shooting publicity photos with musicians in Manhattan, and photographing numerous performance artists from around the world with PICA including Diamanda Galas. Her work has been published in various periodicals including The Washington Post. She works with a variety of cameras and processing techniques — from large-format and digital, Polaroid and archival prints — to provide you with fine art images that have a distinct and timeless quality.

“Serena Davidson has a true artist’s eye — her portraits are some of the freshest and most penetrating I’ve ever seen.” Tom Fischer, Timber Press editor

“It was a pleasure to have you capturing our wedding with such a welcoming and gentle energy. The pictures turned out great!” Dana Visse, sustainable city planner

“Her portraits are alive, honest, richly detailed … they’re glimpses across a vast and complex landscape of lives. The result is, inevitably, beautiful.” Jemiah Jefferson, novelist

“Serena has clearly mastered an effortless ability to put her subjects at ease so that their true essence comes through.” — Jim Rodasta, Just Out Arts & Culture Editor

"Serena has been working with PICA to capture the amazing nuances of what makes the TBA Festival come alive. Her photographic images have become an important part of our archive, and really do speak for themselves. What is less evident however, is her fantastic rapport with the artists and the audiences she photographs. She truly gives her all."

Kristy Edmunds, Founder, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art


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