Thursday, September 07, 2006

Shooting for PICA during TBA:06 Official Schedule for Serena Davidson

This is the third year I have had the privilege of being invited to shoot as an official TBA Press Corps member for the Portland Institute of Contemporary art. They have provided me with the honor of photographing Diamanda Galas, Deborah Hay, Wally Cardona, and many many other excellent artists.

This year I will be covering all of the projects that are roaming around the city collectively called 'Out in the World'. I love these projects because they effect everyone in the city with serendipity.

I will also be covering at least 13 performance artists over the course of 6 different nights at The Works which is located at Audio Cinema this year.

Out In The World:

Sept. 7th - 17th
Brad Adkins
Philippe Blanc & Katherine Bovee
David Eckard
Mack McFarland & Dennis Nyback
Red 76

The Works:

Thursday Sept 7th
Music Population Orchestra 8pm
Small Sails 9pm

Sunday September 10th
Fleshtone 10pm
Neal Medlyn & Kenny Melman 11pm

Monday September 11th
Oregon Department of Kick Ass 8pm
Holcombe Waller 10pm

Thursday September 14th
10 Tiny Dances 10 pm

Saturday September 16th
Cynthia Hopkins / Gloria Deluxe 10pm
Copy 11pm
BadSexMurder 11pm

Sunday September 17th
Sutapa Biswas 9pm
New Humans 10pm

To see more Time Based Art Festival photography by
Serena Davidson click here: PICA BLOG

Full show schedule for Time Based Art Festival
patron sponsor: Pro Photo Supply


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