Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wedding: University of Washington Business Student

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Congratulations Anne & Marty!

Anne is a generous person with a kind heart who has put much time and energy into working with non-profit organizations for many years. As a way to increase her impact in these efforts she is currently a student at the University of Washington Business School. Although the school is located in Seattle, Washington many of her fellow students traveled the three plus hours south to join her in wedding day celebrations at Bridal Veil Lakes, Oregon.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Wedding: Kestrel & Lam

Congratulations Kestrel & Lam!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Wedding: Shannon & Jake Pre-Wedding Session

What a beautiful evening to be strolling along the boardwalk at Waterfront Park!

The sun was just setting as we walked along. Jake kept Shannon smiling and laughing - making my job even easier, and Shannon helped Jake inhabit the moment - also making my job super easy. It was sweet to see how well they compliment each other and how they are so obviously smitten with one another. All I had to do was click away and capture their sweet exchanges.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Wedding: Roaming Peacocks

I've long been fascinated with the beauty and exquisite coloring of the peacock. My mother decorated with peacock feathers beautifully accenting our Victorian sitting room when I was a child growing up in the Puget Sound area of Washington state. It seems no matter where peacock feathers appear they evoke a sense of opulence. This bird is a resident of a countryside wedding and event venue in Oregon called Horning's Hideout. While visiting I saw at least twenty peacocks flocking together and scattered individually throughout the property.

The picture above was caught on an unusually warm August day from the entrance to the road that leads down to Horning's Hideout. The photo below shows the steep gravel road leading to the very rustic grounds. Not your typical wedding venue - guests can go fishing, camping, hiking, peddle boating on the small lake, or hold a music concert in their natural amphitheatre which also doubles as the wedding and special event space.

Horning’s Hideout is located just 35 minutes west of Portland in North Plains, Oregon

21277 NW Brunswick Canyon Rd.
North Plains, OR 97133

Friday, August 18, 2006

State of the Arts: DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid

Anjali, The Incredible Kid and I just having fun and getting silly at the Peninsula Park rose gardens. Eveything is in full bloom at this time of year. The air is filled with the essence of roses. Sweet oasis in the city!

Anjali had costume and pose ideas to tap into the campy Bollywood and Bhangra music video look. We played around with the idea and came up with some winners that they will be using for promoting their Andaz night at The Fez Ballroom, Atlas at Holocene and their other DJ nights around town and on the road. The images you see here are simply my favorites though and have a comparitively mellow tone.


Saturday, August 26th
presented by your musical hosts
DJ Anjali and
The Incredible Kid


9pm to 3am
21 & over only

Fez Ballroom
316 SW 11th Ave. *top floor*

**This month’s Andaz will feature a Bhangra dance lesson by Joti Singh (SF) at 9:30pm!**


Saturday, September 9th

Along with that international HEAT from your resident DJs Anjali, E3 and The Incredible Kid.

- the hottest in Afrotech, Arabica, Asian 2-Step and Drum’n'Bass, Bhangra, Funk Carioca, grime, Reggaeton, 4th World/ International Hip-hop and more -

9:00pm - 2:30am
21 and over / Holocene - 1001 SE Morrison

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wedding: Calling All Cakes

Chocolate Cupcakes By: Saint Cupcake
Blum Floral Design

Red Velvet Cupcakes By: Saint Cupcake
Starflower florist

Sterling Silver Rose Cake By: NuVrei Bakery

Modern Artisan Cake By: NuVrei Bakery

Monogrammed Cake By: Anja Spence
email aspence at earthlink dot net to find out about the Cake of the Month Club

Rose Petal Cake By: Zee Cakes

Classic White Triple Tier Wedding Cake with Pink Lillies:
Applewood Catering? -info soon to follow

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wedding: Rose & Jamal

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The Wedding Celebration of Rose Wooderson & Jamal Qutub
Saturday August 12th 2006
Nocturnal Portland Oregon

This creative couple brought together local artists to create the tone of their wedding day which they chose to hold at an event space called Nocturnal. Dress designer Holly Stalder of Seaplane, the florists of Starflower, and the art of baked delights from St. Cupcake. It was my privelege to be invited to document the events of their wedding day through my chosen art form too. Here are some of my favorite shots to give you a sneak preview!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Wedding: Flowergirl at Bridal Veil Lakes

The Wedding of Anne Turchi & Marty Ruybalid
Sunday August 13th 2006
Bridal Veil Lakes

I just had to share this photo with you. It was one of those that I knew I was going to love the moment I captured it in my camera yesterday. This image of a bashful flowergirl walking toward the ring bearer while the bride waits with her dad before walking down the aisle is exactly the reason I love photographing weddings.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Weddings: Coffee Ceremony

A new twist on an ancient tradition: Coffee Ceremony

As a professional wedding photographer since the age of 19 I've been to so many weddings I've lost count. However, the ceremony continues to be an intrigue for me each time. The many elements each individual brings to the joining of the couple and the elements each family brings to the union of the separate families is always fascinating.

Many couples choose traditional symbolic rituals such as carrying flowers down the aisle, candle lighting, exchanging of rings, and wearing veils.

Others are creating their own new traditions by writing their own vows, inviting readings of poems by close friends and family members, songs and original music played just for the occasion. Lately it is becoming very fashionable to infuse your own personal elements and touches to your wedding day, even altering the rituals for the ceremony. With the easy access to the information super highway, incorporating ideas and rituals from other cultures has become easy to research. Instead of simply implanting a cultural tradition that is completely foreign to the bride and groom, they are at times choosing familiar elements that have ceremonial roles in other cultures.

One way I've seen this is with tea ceremonies being introduced to some marriage ceremonies to symbolize the sharing and care-taking aspect of a relationship. Onecouple included the tea ceremony as a display of how much they enjoy sharing meals together. This can be an elegant solution for the couple who is not religious and want a symbolic gesture they can imbue with their own interpretation, or a couple who want a ceremony that will not offend either side of their families through religious conflict or discomfort while still honoring the occasion with a touch of the sacred.

For myself and many other northwest natives coffee has been a daily personal ritual for years. I decided to attempt a translation of my own daily ritual into a new wedding ritual: The Coffee Ceremony. It sounds simple, and really it is. However, deciding to assemble the ceremonial items for a quick photograph proved a little challenging. To find a coffee maker and kettle that would be presentable, portable, and hold up to the elegance of the occasion was the trick. After looking around online I realized I should pay a visit to Canoe. They had just the perfect items! Not only did I find an elegant coffee maker, I also found a gorgeous wooden tray (just the right size), two perfectly designed glasses with heat insulating sleek design, a hand blown glass water kettle to match and a trivet that fits into the set up just right. When it all came together for my ceremonial experiment - it was just what I had hoped for. A simple and easy process with the elegance of ceremony and a touch of tradition with a twist.

Anthropology and sociology have always been topics I love. If you are interested in reading about the origin and meanings of certain wedding traditions that are still practiced in our culture and some ancient and modern traditions from other cultures, I've listed some interesting resources for you here:

Ancient Weddings

Chinese Historical & Cultural Project

I love India

Modern American Wedding Traditions

World Wedding Traditions
(great for destination weddings)

Please share anything new you learn in the comments. If anyone has other links for resources about traditions in the wedding ceremony I'd love to hear from you. Also, if you have your own new ceremony that you have created for your wedding please share your innovations in the comments.