Tuesday, January 16, 2007

NW Style: Black & White Socks from Italy

Super trendy trend: all black and white outfits.

A very fun winter fashion shoot accomplished with much whimsy and on the spot trouble shooting.

I'm a huge personal fan of this brand of stripey and fun socks. They are not only great looking, but they are the best feeling sock I've ever put on my hard working feet! From my early days exploring floral print tights and the classic black and white striped legging of the early 90's in my home area of Seattle to the day I ran across Simone at the Last Thursday art walk on Alberta I have been in search of the perfect striped sock. I may now rest my weary soul for Simone has found them for me and is now distributing them in our beautiful striped sock wearing city.

A striking look with a fun twist when you include these cow print socks from Cronert. Locally distributed by Simone Enterprises - who you may remember from the Saturday Market downtown. You may also find these superb socks at local shops like that great little store on Hawthorne - Le Rouge.

To find a pair to make you own uber hip black and white fashion statement or to include these socks in your offerings at your own shop contact Simone:

Monday, January 15, 2007

Event: Look @ Laika 2006

When I received the call from Laika to set up a 300 person group photo I wanted to do something different. They are a very creative company and I was happy to find that they were completely open to me bringing in my creative vision for their company photo. They recently hired over 200 of the best creatives from around the world to build a stronger team for their animation studio. Wanting to document this milestone they brought me in to capture all 300 employees at once. To avoid the predictable typical boring group photo I implemented a new style that my friend and collaborator Mykle Hansen has been developing with me for months - the digital quilt. The weather cooperated and the people of Laika were a thrill to work with.

Using over 30 frames I quilted together over 2 Gigs of imagery to create this long quirky panorama in front of the Portland Art Museum.

For an up close look at this group portrait you will have to penetrate the interior facilities of Laika for a visit where Laika will be hanging a ten foot long print. Otherwise, click on the image above to view a little larger.

Special thanks to everyone who helped me accomplish this shot and especially Scarlet, Mykle, Kyle and Ben!